Book Review- The Age of the Imperfect Leader: A Book that Demystifies the Complexities of Leadership Success

Book Review- The Age of the Imperfect Leader: A Book that Demystifies the Complexities of Leadership Success

With a down to-earth approach,leadership expert and practioner Pawan Verma gets beyond the rhetoric associated with leadership and makes the unequivocal suggestion that you should have the courge to be imperfect, and if you try to be good at everything , you’d never be great at anything.
       How’s that for a change?
       In a powerful narrative enriched with examples of great leaders, The Age of the Imperfect Leader debunks the myth of a perfect leader.The book identifies the key secrets of leadership success in the modern world: discovering your strengths and investing in these areas, focusing on the strengths of your team members instead of their weakness, making your leadership team well rounded, being a principled pragmatist and creating the ecosystem needed for success in the contemporary world.
                                                            ——- From The Back Cover
Why is this book review?
When you become an entrepreneur, you automatically become the leader of your organisation.Thus it is important for you to know what it takes to be a leader in this volatile and constantly challenging business ecosystem.

Now The review:
This Book is divided into three parts;
 First part talks about the persumed beliefs about the leadership and how it has changed over the years and what it may look like in the future.Auther explains why a leader should focus on excellence rather than perfection and explained it with examples.He also argues why it is important to build on your strengths rather than concentrating too much on your weakness.

 In the  second part the author questions the age old method of top down hierarchy and explains why this way of leadership is absolete.He emphasizes on why it is important to creat leaders at each level of the hierarchy.He also explains why it is important to have diversity and inclusion in an organization and how a leader is reponsible to implement it effectively as part of work culture and how it is beneficial to the company with examples.This section also gives inputs on leadership agility and why is it important in these challenging times.

     This final part explains what are the stratagies a leader can learn and develop to deliver results with real life examples.He explains how leadership grit,self belief,Building trust and credibility,Discovering challenges early and finding solution quickly as a team goes a long way to be an effective leader.

My verdict:
     In Author’s words , Never before in the history of leadership has a leader’s role and responsibility been as daunting and challenging as today, and it is absolutely true.In that sense this book sheds light on how business ecosystem is changing faster than ever and how a leader needs to adapt and change tactics with the time.Though I found the book slightly repetitive at times, it will be a very good read for the aspiring entrepreneurs to become a better leaders.
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