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Book Review- How i almost blew it By sidharth Rao

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Book Review- How i almost blew it By sidharth Rao

How i almost blew it By sidharth Rao- Book Review

There’s never been a better time to be an entrepreneur. The market is flush with capital, and the internet and emerging technologies have lowered costs and nearly levelled the playing field. The Indian digital ecosystem is ready to explode. The romance of the start-up story fills media column inches.

But, for every new venture that made it, there are numerous others that didn’t. The untold story of the successes is that every one of them almost didn’t make it. Each one had a near-death experience, almost shut down, almost sold itself too short—in short, almost ‘blew it’.

How I Almost Blew It talks to some of India’s biggest entrepreneurs—Sanjeev Bikhchandani (Info Edge and, Deep Kalra (MakeMyTrip), Deepinder Goyal (Zomato), Ashish Hemrajani (BookMyShow), Sahil Barua (Delhivery) and Girish Mathrubootham (Freshworks) and others—to tell stories that shock, reveal and inspire.

Quick-thinking, astute decision-making and—occasionally—sheer dumb luck is what stood between them and the abyss.

These heart-stopping stories of near-fiascos are industry wisdom, yes, but also critical life lessons.

-From The Inner Cover

Why This Book?

The situation now is very unprecedented due to the ongoing pandemic and most of us are all in a very depressed state of mind.This book‘s author sidharth Rao has spoken to 17 indian startup entrepreneurs about how their businesses faced near death and how they recovered.

I believe reading these real life stories gives us motivation and strength for our businesses to hold on to see this pandemic through.

Now My BookReview-Book Review- How i almost blew it By sidharth Rao

In the introduction chapter Author Sidharth Rao speaks about how internet businesses gained a momentum,How people infused money thoughtlessly ,what happened when the internet bubble burst,How it gained momentum again only to blow up again in 2008 and the happenings afterwards.

Each entrepreneur he has spoken to is allotted one chapter each hence makes it easy to choose whatever chapter one wants to read.All the entrepreneurs mentioned in this book developed an idea,raised capital,made mistakes which led them to almost blow up their business and then they recovered with important lessons learnt which is shared in this book.

There are certain take aways from this (Book Review- How i almost blew it By sidharth Rao)book;

1.When the media celebrates fund raising and creates perceptions about start ups as fancy stories, in reality they are challenging journeys fought with lots of hardships.

2.When investers pour money into your venture keep an eye on cash burn and try to create revenue because customers money is better than investers money.

3.When you are a entrepreneur,you can’t live in denial which means realising where you are going wrong and correcting it keeping your ego at bay.

4.It takes lots of time and hardwork before become successful hence perservence is of most important.

There are many more more takeaways in the book which i will leave to you to read and gain.

My Verdict:

Though this book is written about the digital entrepreneurs, everyone can learn from other people’s mistakes.What i liked most about this book is the simple language it is written in,which makes it a easy read.You will also get a look into the world of fundraising and how the internet companies operate.

I suggest all the aspiring entrepreneurs and people who owns businesses to read this book to learn that it is important to hold on during challenging times and keep finding innovative solutions to make your business a success.

Please do let me know of your thoughts and suggestions…….

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