Coconut Bun

Coconut Bun Using Fresh Grated Coconut And Jaggery

Coconut Bun is an old classic and still a favourite to many people including me.Making It with freshly grated coconut and using jaggery instead of refined sugar makes it a better product.It’s a must try.



  • Flour- 250gm
  • Sugar-20 gm
  • Salt-5 gm
  • Instant Dry Yeast-5 gm
  • Butter- 20 gm
  • Water-50%

Coconut Filling:

  • Fresh Grated Coconut-200 gm
  • Jaggery powder-100 gm
  • Green Cardamom Powder-2 gm


Grate the coconut fine using a coconut grater and be careful not to get to the dark skin part of the coconut.Incase of using Dry coconut/Desiccated coconut ,melt the jaggery with little water before mixing .Apply water on the sheeted dough and sprinkle little castor sugar and repeat the same for the top cover as well in order for the dough to stick and hold the filling well in place.


Hope you all will enjoy making this recipe as much as i did…

If anyone have any questions please post them in the comment section and i will be happy to answer them…..

Happy baking…

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