Pizza Dough


  • Flour- 400 gm
  • sugar- 15 gm
  • Salt- 8 gm
  • Olive Oil- 25 gm
  • Instant Dry yeast-6 gm
  • Water-50%
  • Oregano-1 gm (optional)

Straight Dough Method.Remember To activate the Yeast with a pinch of Sugar and Luke warm water.Once The Dough Is mixed ,Divide them into pieces ,roll them into balls and apply oil on top and allow to ferment before using.Once Ferment, Dough can be used to make pizza directly or to make a pre baked base.

Pizza Sauce


  • Tomatos- 600 gm
  • onion- 100 gm
  • Garlic- 35 gm
  • olive Oil-70 gm
  • Tomato Paste-100 gm
  • Fresh Basil-15 gm
  • Leeks-15 gm
  • Celery-15 gm
  • Dry or Fresh oregano-2 gm
  • Salt- To Taste

Add leeks and celery in a bunch and at the end of cooking it can be taken out.Chop Fresh Basil and add just before finish cooking the sauce.Blanch the tomatos to remove the skin.


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