Sub Bread


Recently We made tandoori mayo sub sandwich in our you tube video.Here i am posting recipe for sub bread for your reference.Sub bun is very useful in making variety of sandwiches.Method can be watched in video link.


  • Flour-250 gm
  • Sugar-20 gm
  • Refined Oil- 20 gm
  • Yeast- 5 gm
  • Salt- 5 gm
  • Milk-25%
  • Water-25%

It is advisable to use bread flour for the recipe.Incase of only all purpose flour is available mix 10 gm’s of gluten for 1 kg of flour.This is made using Straight dough method.Bread improver can also be added( 2 gm for 1 kg of flour).Also to note that instant dry yeast was used for this recipe and it is important to activate the yeast before using for better result.

Sprinkling some mixed herbs on top of the bread before baking gives it a nice flavour.


If you like the recipe or have any questions please post in comment section……

Happy Baking…..

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