Sub Bread


Recently We made tandoori mayo sub sandwich in our you tube video.Here i am posting recipe for sub bread for your reference.Method can be watched in video link.


  • Flour-250 gm
  • Sugar-20 gm
  • Refined Oil- 20 gm
  • Yeast- 5 gm
  • Salt- 5 gm
  • Milk-25%
  • Water-25%

It is advisable to use bread flour for the recipe.Incase of only all purpose flour is available mix 10 gm’s of gluten for 1 kg of flour.This is made using Straight dough method.Bread improver can also be added( 2 gm for 1 kg of flour).Also to note that instant dry yeast was used for this recipe and it is important to activate the yeast before using for better result.


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