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Useful Books For Chefs- Part.1

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Useful Books For Chefs- Part.1

Useful Books For Chefs- part.1 is a video series i am making for my youtube channel and i have released part-1 two days ago.

The idea behind this video series is to introduce Useful Books For Chefs ,be it a professional chef or home chefs or anyone who is interested in cooking and baking.

Here in this article i have listed those books for your reference.

Book-1.The Professional Pastry chef

  • Written By: Bo Friberg
  • Number of Pages:1020

This Books is about the fundamentals of Baking and pastry.It is very useful for beginers as well as for seasoned chefs.This books contains lots of pictures and recipes with preparation methods.

Book-2.The Advanced Professional Pastry Chef

  • Written By: Bo Friberg
  • Number Of Pages:850

This second book is about advanced confectionery such as desserts,chocolate art,Sugar art,Plating techniques,etc.This book will be useful for chefs who wants to learn advanced confectionery in details.This Book also has lots of pictues and recipes to make use of.

Book-3.Larouisse gastronomique

Number of Pages:1350

This is simply one of the greatest books written about everything food.This massive book gives all food related information alphabatically,making it easy to find topics.Also loaded with enormous amount of pictures,history of raw materials and foods and recipes as well.This is a must have for all chefs irrespective of what their rank is.

Book-4.Glorious Desserts

  • Written By:Martha Day
  • Number of Pages:512

As the name suggests this book is all about desserts.This book contains 350 recipes,pictues for each recipe and step by step guide to prepare the dessert.This is useful for chefs working in pastry section in all levels.

Book-5.The Pastry Chef’s Companion

  • Written By:Glenn Rinsky & Laura Halpin Rinsky
  • Number of Pages:375

This book is a comprhensive resource guide for bakery and pastry professionals.This will come in handy when you want refer a term related to bakery and confectionery.

Any bakery and pastry professional who is looking for a quick reference guide can go for this.

To Watch this Useful Books For Chefs- part.1 more briefly in video:

Do let me know if this article is useful for you guys and if you want to know about more books…..